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Excellence Award

(Recived from Mr. Stefano "S.A.M Asia Zone of FACCO-Italy)  

Galuse Graphics Award

(Recived from the Ex.President of Pakistan Gen. Parvez Mushrif )

Artist of 2006 Certificat

(Issued by Comonden County College ,USA)

Sepctrum Graphics Certificat

 (Issued by Sahara Group , Pakistan)

Designer of Urdu Bazar

(A Moter Cycle Awarded by JM Art  Press, Lahore)

Best Designer Award & 50,000 Cash Prize

(Acheived from Ziaat Institue of Computer Sciences, Raiwind from the Chairman Raiwind Mr Rana Sharafat Ali Goga, and Mr Abdul Rasheed Bhatti MPA.)

Artist of Year 2006: An Award From USA

The TALL-VEDYA: a book about the history of classical music by Mr. Jespur Paul, USA. And they are going to take this book to one of the biggest library of Washington, UA. He like my designing after publishing this book. This Title was admired by the organizers of CAMDEN COUNTY COLLEGE USA. And as a result, the declared me


Award Recieved From The President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Mushrif in 2005


Galuse Graphics Award

Galuse an orgnization, Organizing Exhibitions on " Information Technology " in Graphics Designing, after every 5 years, Many designers from all over the world participating in there exhibition. In 2005, an exhibition was held, and one and only award goes to Mr. Kamran Hayat, for his remarkable work, awarded by the President of Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharaf.

Moter Cycle Award from JM Advertiser

I was selected the best Artist & Graphic Specialist of the year by the Chief Executive of JM ART PRESS for recognition as a result of mine achievements and participations in JM ART PRESS during elections. A special ceremony was held in mine honor and I was awarded with cash prize and a new Motorcycle.

Pried of Performnece Award


14th of August 2000..

An exhibition was held by Ziaat Institute of Computer Science , Raiwind the the subject was to show the struggles made by our leaders to make Paksitan in " Tasveero ki Zuban main on 14 august 2000

ZICS is appreciating Mr. Kamran Hayat on his tremendous struggle for the managing a wonder full picture Exhibition witch was held by our institute in Raiwind on 14 August 2000.This was a great achievement and experience, this exhibition was up to the mark and successful just because of Kamran Hayat. I was appreciated by them to prepare / create such a wonderful pictures of “Azadi”. At this occasion I was awarded by many prizes including a cash prize of Rs.50,000/- by the Chairman Raiwind Mr Rana Sharafat Ali Goga, and Mr Abdul Rasheed Bhatti MPA.